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If you are looking for the LUSER utility, it can always be found here:!bdQT0YTS!0RmluMCzya6ddriovRlHTQ

LUSER (originally short for 'Lookup User') is best described as a sort of swiss army knife for sys admins and I.T support staff (find a logged on user’s machine from their username, runvarious operations on remote machines, comprehensive AD reporting, network utilities, NMAP network scanning, make bulk NTFS changes, strong crypto functions … … ).

Luser is used in IT departments all over the world. It’s quite a crude looking utility really; there’s no fancy GUI for the main front end, but once you learn the features it’s quick to get around and it’s extremely useful.

Luser took up a fair bit of my time to develop and implement fixes and features, and since it was free I didn’t get a great deal of donations (though thanks to those who did donate). I’ve changed the usage to a paid license model for businesses (can evaluate free for 30 days) and free for non-profit non-government organisations or charities.

Luser is a self-contained .exe that strings together a lot of separate functions and scripts in the background. As such, some AV can report false positives.